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Jorya Online

Gipson: Where Passion is Always in Fashion


Anticipating The Appeal of Apparel


It’s true what they say; you are what you wear. Dress for success, and you’re halfway there; whatever you do, always look good doing it. Call it clothing yourself in confidence, call it your second skin, call it the fabric of your personality, the right fashion doesn’t just make a statement; it makes a difference. 


This is the inspiration behind Gipson Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. We’ve been a wholesaler since 2009, and have, shall we say, fashioned ourselves into a purveyor of styles that appeals to the ever-evolving sensibilities of consumers while continuously captivating hearts and minds with affordable, ahead-of-the-curve apparel.


Simply put, if it’s in-trend, it’s in our stores, on our shelves and within our range of offerings. With three brands – Jorya, Jorya Weekend and ReShop – and seven outlets in Klang Valley as well as a vibrant online marketplace, we’re bringing our passion for fashion to life with the most anticipated, most desired and most value-for-money designs, as demand by Malaysians.


Distinctive Styles, Distinctive Brands


When it comes to fashion, everyone has their own preferences, their own vision, they’re on take on what’s stylish. Gipson believes in appealing to a diversity of fashion sensibilities, and this is embodied in our three distinctive fashion brands.


Jorya: Contemporary Femininity Takes Centre Stage


Modern elegance and delicate, feminine silhouettes are the cornerstone of Jorya, which has been styling up women aged 25 to 45 since 2009 with outlets in Kepong, Sri Petaling and Taipan. Exceptional quality, high wearability and sensual styling are the brand’s hallmarks.


Jorya Weekend: Sophistication Personified


Understated yet attention grabbing, versatile yet comfortable, laid-back yet seriously fashionable, Jorya Weekend is perfect for the woman who knows what she wants. Sophistication is key, as evidenced by our clientele which ranges from women aged 18-35, at central locations in Kepong ,Taipan and Sri Petaling.